The Sinker Guy Method Glass Beads


    These are “Pompano Killer” glass beads for fishing “The Sinker Guy Method”. These beads will give you the ability to match that hatch like never been taught before.  They actually fit right on the Eagle Claw L197 1/0 or 2/0 Circle hook.  They slide right over the barb for the ultimate fish catching experience.  They also work great for many other styles of fishingIf you want to use them the traditional way or fish it “The Sinker Guy Method” to advance your skills.  Matching the Hatch has never been easier, feel free to mix different color bead on the hook.  This will allow you to match the colors on your beaches or water ways.  .   Quantity per tube is 60 glass beads. 

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    Weight.75 oz
    Dimensions.70 in
    Glass Beads

    #1 Rootbeer, #2 Light Coquina Clam/Ghost Shrimp, #3 Eggs, #4 Dark Coquina Clam/Ghost Shrimp, #5 Coquina Purple, #6 Coquina Clam Blues and Purples, #7 Glow / Coquina Clam White, #8 Orange-pink combo Clear, #9 Orange matte/shiny Clear, #10 Coquina Brown-Purple Clear, #11 Coquina Purple-pink Clear