Fishing Mortician SNOODS ONLY



This rig is designed for catching table fish such as whiting, drum and pompano. It is easy to tie up, casts for distance, presents your baits in a stealthy fashion that attracts a bite, snags fish that nibble, and is strong enough to bring them onto the sand.

The Main Rig Body is reusable and the SNOODS can be swapped out quickly if they get fouled. The SNOODS are free to spin around the main rig body and this reduces fouling by a considerable amount. However, every so often you will have one foul on you and a quick swap keeps you on a hot bite.  ALWAYS order more of these to have in your tackle box incase you get bit off.

Two snoods ONLY / removable drops are 30 lbs  fluorocarbon and Eagle Claw 2/0.

This Rig will soon be your go to rig to grab here on the online store.




mortician snoods