Casting Cannon

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Casting Cannon is a casting aid that helps achieve a more powerful cast with a spinning outfit. It simple attached to the rod and is easy to use.

In distance casting the most important element of your cast is holding down your line until the power stroke is completed. You want to distribute as much casting energy into throwing your lure/bait without making your spool rotate. You want to achieve this without damge to your finger. This may not be easy without mechanical assistance.

The Casting Cannon is attached onto the rod in-line with the guide rings and nearest to the spool in a comfortable position. You’re using this on a spinning reel so remember to allow for clearance space when the bail arm flips and rotates. Attach the Cannon onto the rod with vinyl tape (electrical tape) once you are satisfied with the position. The BreakAway BC1 Cannon aka “Bionic Finger” is a great tool to use when casting heavy weights. Anglers who cast a lot of heavy weights will appreciate The Casting Cannon. The Casting Cannon takes and holds your line tight for you instead of putting pressure on your index finger. To use just open reel bail and pull off enough line for casting then loop your line around the “Finger” of the Cannon and pinch pushing trigger down to pivot metal loop to hold line. At the correct moment in the cast you simply release the trigger and away goes your line. The Casting Cannon is the solution for throwing big plugs or weights with monofilament or braided line without a damaged finger. The Casting Cannon is the quickest way for someone to improve their casting distance performance. Eliminate damage to your finger while casting by using the Casting Cannon “Bionic Finger”.

Consider the following when Power Casting

  • When power casting, you should have enough leader to wrap around spool multiple times before proceeding with your cast. Have a heavy enough leader because of the extreme forces generated when Power Casting. Otherwise, you can snap line and have uncontrolled dangerous projectiles.
  • When power casting, check that your drag is very tight to prevent spool from rotating. You can back-off after the cast to fight fish properly.
  • When powers casting using a light drag setting, you can wrap leader around the Cannon finger two or three times to allow for casting without spool breaking its drag setting and rotating.
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The bionic finger for fixed spool reels. Simply tape the Cannon securely to the butt of your rod in a comfortable position above or behind the spool rim allowing space for the bale arm to rotate. Release the trigger and pass line from the spool over the capstan. Depress the trigger with the index finger to trap the line then disengage the bale arm. The cast is made as normal by releasing the trigger at the precise moment.

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